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Aesthetic Complications Management Course

A training course aimed at preparing registered medical professionals for dealing with avoidable, common and uncommon complications.

Become competant in the administration of hyalase
Learn how to deal with dissatisfied patients
Learn how to deal with a range of complications
Become a safer aesthetics practitioner

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for Doctors, Registered Nurses, Dentists and other registered medical professionals, please contact us for further information. Please note we DO NOT train Dental Nurses.

What does this course cover?

The course takes place in a day and will be 70% theory and 30% practical.

The theoretical portion of the course covers:

  • Avoidable Complications within the field of dermal fillers toxin and skin peels – patient selection, physicians experience, product selection, injection volume and techniques.
  • Common Complications – dissatisfied patients, malar oedema, tyndall effect, filler migration, erythema, haematomas, lumps, ptosis of upper and lower face, spock eyebrow.
  • Uncommon Complications  – hypersensitivity, infection, delayed onset nodules, biofilms, granulomas.
  • Emergency box supplies.
  • Rare – Vascular occusion, blindness and anaphylaxis.
  • Real case studies from patients.

The practical element of the course covers:

  • Hyalase preparation for emergency and non-emergency use.
  • An interactive session on diagnosing Complications.

Booking details

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